What We Do


We develop and host face-to-face and online learning for people working and volunteering for not-for-profit and purpose-driven organisations.

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We work within and alongside not-for-profit and purpose-driven organisations to provide consulting and coaching on governance, strategy, communications, policy and advocacy.

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We bring together people from around Australia working in not-for-profit and purpose-driven organisations.

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Who we are

We work with not-for-profit and purposeful organisations to build their strategic, advocacy and communications capacity to create change.

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Our Values:

Equality – For Purpose believes in the equality of opportunity, rights and social, cultural and economic wellbeing.

Social Justice – For Purpose believes that equity is essential to achieving change that results in people having choices about how they live and the means to make those choices.

Collaboration – For Purpose believes that working together with like-minded not-for-profit and purposeful organisations is the key to creating change.