Report and analysis writing

The Australian National Advisory Council on Alcohol and Other Drugs (ANACAD) advises the Australian Government on issues related to alcohol and other drugs.

For Purpose was commissioned by The Department of Health (the Department) to ‘undertake a one-off project to assess the depth and breadth of sponsorship by the alcohol industry in the Australian sport industry’.

The Department specifically sought a ‘desktop study using information from relevant websites for assessment’ that did not seek ‘to determine the monetary value or relevant conditions or any other aspects of any of the sponsorships’. The analysis included an audit of the websites of 319 Australian sporting groups to determine the breadth and depth of alcohol sponsorship in sport. The analysis was undertaken in two parts. Part one explored the alcohol sponsorships for National Sporting Organisations (NSOs), competitions, events and teams. Part two explored the alcohol sponsorships for the Australian Rules and Rugby League State Sporting Associations (SSOs) and their most senior teams.

See the full analysis here.